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Catscan – Hardcore Essentials Sample pack

The Catscan Samplepack includes over 190 Samples which come straight from his Studio Archive and which have fuelled countless hits. The access to these sounds give you a priceless insight on how many tracks from the Millenium Hardcore era and onward were produced

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No Sleep Till PRSPCT [Docu]

Film maker Adriaan De Koning followed Gareth de Wijk a.k.a. Thrasher in 2017, when PRSPCT reached its 15th year of existence. He created this documentary which tells the story of PRSPCT and how the DIY mentality from punk helped Thrasher create a successful independent label.

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Italiaanse hardcore artiest Stereotype is terug met een experimenteel album. De verwikkeling van Psytrance en Hardcore is iets wat wel goed op elkaar aansluit. Stereotype neemt je mee op een psycore trip

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