Catscan dropt zijn eerste Hardcore Preset/Sample pack via @fragmentaudio

Catscan Hardcore Samplepack:

The Catscan Samplepack includes over 190 Samples which come straight from his Studio Archive and which have fuelled countless hits. The access to these sounds give you a priceless insight on how many tracks from the Millenium Hardcore era and onward were produced.

The unique character of these sounds comes not only from Catscan’s creativity but from an incredibly wise use of analog outboard and synthesizer like the Alesis AndromedaAccess Virus TISherman Filterbank 2Moog MemorymoogWaldorf Q+ and much more!

While it’s true that today’s VST can do wonders, is also true that the previous approach to sound-design still retains a different personality and touch.

The Samplepack contains:

  • Hardcore Kicks Oneshot WAV Samples (including also Kick layers and variations)
  • Drum Loops and Drum Oneshot WAV Samples (including also many of his legacy Claps, Snares and more)
  • FX WAV Oneshots WAV Samples (including also Buildups, Explosions, and several Analog-generated noise synth sounds)
  • Screeches WAV Oneshot Samples
  • Lead WAV Oneshot Samples (including sounds created using ARP 2600, Virus TI, Alesis Andromeda and more)
  • Extra vocals and elements used in his productions

Catscan Hardcore Serum Soundbank:

From the past straight into the future! Catscan’s mastery in sound-designing with Xfer Serum definitely matches his level of knowledge he collected in all these years of music production using analog gear. Not only the Serum Soundbank has an incredible connection of Hardcore Kick Presets, Screech Serum patches, Pads, Buildup FX & Impacts and more but it comes with unique Wavetables and custom Noise files modeled by Catscan himself using Hardware Synthesizers such as Alesis Andromeda, The Access Virus TI and more! This soundbank brings together the best of both worlds balancing his extraordinary signature sounds together with endless customisation options with over 200 Macro controls.

The Xfer Serum Soundbank contains:

  • Kicks Serum presets (suitable for Hardcore, Millenium, Industrial and even Rawstyle)
  • Screeches Xfer Serum Presets
  • Leads  Serum Presets
  • Pads Xfer Serum Patches
  • Buildup FX & Impacts Serum Presets
  • Sequences Xfer Patches
  • Custom Wavetables
  • Custom Noise files
  • …and more!

Koop deze op fragment audio voor €29.90:

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